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Rob Pelinka’s Story

"I try to approach every day as being an instrument in God's hands. 'Lord, how are you going to use me in this sphere that You've brought me into today...How can I pursue excellence for Your Name's sake?' Then it's easy to let the results be in His hands." - Rob Pelinka Los Angeles Lakers General Manager Rob Pelinka shares how his faith kept him grounded amidst the intensity of the NBA Playoffs in the "bubble," and what life lessons he holds dear from his 20-year friendship with Kobe Bryant.

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Story Matters

Everyone has a story, and everyone’s story matters. God believes story matters too, and has been writing a beautiful story for thousands of years that includes each of us. C.S. Lewis once said, “We read to know that we are not alone.” The same is true of stories. When we hear stories, we know that we are not alone. Learn more about telling your story.

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