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As I go through things in my life, whether it be adversities, challenges, or problems, I rest assured that God’s in control of my life…”

Though he grew up in a Christian household, Nathan never had a personal relationship with God. In high school, he felt isolated and struggled to find a purpose in his life. Video games became an addictive outlet for him, and he stayed up playing late into the night. He would sleep in and skip church, and his schoolwork began to suffer.

Then Nathan joined a Life Group at Mariners. As he stepped into community with other students, he felt a brand-new sense of purpose. While at HSM conference, he put his trust in Jesus. He also discovered a passion for photography and started serving in HSM as a photographer, finding a way to use technology for the good of God’s Kingdom.

Watch and see how Nathan found fresh joy in God’s purpose for his life!

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