Discover How You Can Make an Eternal Impact

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Jesus has an incredible plan and purpose for your life! He invites us to follow His example by serving others and making an impact that lasts forever. 

At Mariners, we want everyone to have the opportunity to discover their purpose and make a difference in the world. So we created the Volunteer Expo, a fun and interactive experience after weekend services at all our locations where you can explore the different serving opportunities and ways for you to get involved at Mariners. 

Whether you’re passionate about mentoring and serving kids and youth, love making people feel welcomed during weekend worship services, or have musical or creative gifts you want to use to inspire others to follow Jesus, there is a place for you! Join us next weekend to discover how you can plug into one of our ministry teams and start serving regularly at Mariners. 

If you’re ready to start serving at Mariners now, click the button below!

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