At Mariners Church we stand at every step of your marriage journey. No matter where your marriage is at, we have a full array of programs and people in place to help you and your spouse flourish!

Marriage Matters

Join us on the Irvine campus for Marriage Matters – a gathering that will give you valuable tools and perspectives to keep your relationship growing in the right direction. Check out the Upcoming Events section below to find the next event!

To get connected, reach out to Linda • [email protected]

For information about hosting a wedding at Mariners, please contact [email protected].


Relationship Foundations is a 7-week premarital program for couples who are seriously dating or engaged. This course is designed to give you important tools for building a successful marriage.

Symbis Assessment and Coaching will help you identify skills and strengths to provide insights which will help you begin your new marriage journey on a solid foundation. For $35 you can take an online assessment called SYMBIS (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts) and our team of certified facilitators will go over your personalized report in private meetings and offer mentoring during the first year of your marriage. Contact: Gary & Robyn Cohen, [email protected]


Marriage Matters is a fun gathering that will give you valuable tools and perspectives to keep your relationship growing in the right direction.

How We Love is an in-depth, group-oriented study curriculum designed around DVD footage, discussion, and skill building. This curriculum includes video content, an interactive study guide, and emphasizes practical skills from the very first week.

Emotionally Healthy Relationships is a 9-week course to help you thrive in relationships by teaching you how to communicate clearly, resolve conflicts, clarify expectations and more.

Mending The Soul is a 60 minute couples retreat with guided activities to help you connect with yourself and your partner, helping you process what is happening today, and be a resource to guide you in the future.

Financial Peace University (FPU) is a 9 week course that provides practical application for implementing God’s plan for money in your life.


Contact Margaret Aubin, First Responder for Couples in Crisis.
[email protected] • 949-698-0868

The Third Option, Relationship Matters & Art of Marriage are a series of interactive classes designed for couples wanting tools and coaching so that their marriage can be reconciled, renewed and restored.

Couple’s Mentoring is one of the proven ways to help restore and rebuild a marriage. We offer a one year mentoring program where you will sit one-on-one with one of our skilled couples to gain wisdom and perspective on the topic of a healthy marriage.

Marriage Crisis Help is our first response team for couples who are needing immediate help. This team will guide couples to resources inside and outside Mariners Church while coming alongside to offer healing and restoration to each individual.

Relationship Lifeline is a wonderful partner to Mariners as they offer a 3 day intensive to help you get back to the root of the issues that are holding you back in your relationship by using interactive and experiential exercises to heal and restore your marriage.

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