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Our God With Us

Experience Our God With Us, the brand-new album from Mariners Worship and Matt Redman, wherever you stream or download your music. This collection of original Christmas songs and familiar favorites points to the great and amazing love of Jesus. We pray it inspires you and your family as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and the incredible reality of God’s presence with us. Download it today and share it with your friends and neighbors to spread the joy and wonder of the season!

The Chapel Sessions: Songs of Hope

The 2020 pandemic pivot to online worship experiences meant the Mariners Worship team would now be missing the lead vocals of every song they sang, the voices of God’s people, His church, gathered together in worship.

Although this season was challenging, it also led to something surprising—an album capturing the most memorable moments of Mariners Church’s online worship experiences that would become the 11 songs of The Chapel Sessions: Songs of Hope.

Mariners Worship The Chapel Sessions: Songs of Hope Album cover


We are looking for:

  • Seasoned musicians who can play an instrument
  • Vocalists of any ability (whether your experience is in the shower, the choir or the platform!)

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