Care & Recovery

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and freedom to the prisoners.”

Isaiah 61:1

Care & Recovery is a ministry of hope in pursuit of growth, recovery and healing – where we recognize and join Christ in restoring what has been lost. No matter the particular “why” beyond your experience of loss, Jesus is about restoration.

Freedom is available. Change is possible. Jesus is in the business of restoring what is broken.

REMEDY is a Gospel-centered program of healing and recovery patterned off of the journey of the earliest Disciples of Jesus found at the end of the Gospels of Jesus Christ. It offers real tools to stay connected and free, leverages tried and true principles of recovery in a group setting and is rooted in the larger story of God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The process of REMEDY is structured into three movements. Each movement contains benchmarks and action steps to know that we are progressing in our ability to build the skills necessary to walk in freedom. 

Recognize: We recognize that we are powerless to change ourselves. The paradox of healing is that it comes to those who are willing to surrender to the process of change. We have to prepare ourselves for growth and healing. Finding sobriety from our addictions and dependencies is crucial. Some would even say, “we have to work to create space for God to work.” 

Return: Surrendering our lives to God and His redemptive story prepares us to return to our own. When we live so long with our pain and our addictions, we fundamentally misinterpret our own stories. A return to ourselves, with fresh perspective, helps us reinterpret our past, understand our present and change our future. Jesus longs to retell your story – all of it – through the lens of grace and forgiveness instead of shame and regret. This will draw us deeper into the future God has for us. 

Restore: To be restored is to live from the name God has uniquely bestowed upon us. It means to be restored to the character in His grand story of redemption that we were always destined for. 

Is REMEDY for me?

REMEDY is a Christ-centered recovery program for anyone experiencing challenges in your life arising from anger, unhealthy eating habits, chronic relationship struggles, unwanted sexual behavior, abusing alcohol or pain medication, past trauma, physical or sexual abuse.

Is there a curriculum involved?

Yes! Groups will be guided by the reGROUP curriculum. Participants are invited each week to read, journal and share how God is shaping them as they take action in and outside of group time. Each participant can purchase a guidebook on the first night of the group.

What is the difference between REMEDY and a traditional 12-step recovery group?

REMEDY is a small group experience focused on healing and recovery. The three movements defined in REMEDY embody the recovery principles of Celebrate Recovery and 12 Steps in their progression but it is not a 12-step process. Each group is composed of men/women who desire to find freedom from unhealthy patterns and gain the tools to continue walking in healing. This is accomplished through a small group-process that helps participants connect with one another through their shared stories of brokenness and hope as we join God in co-authoring a Gospel story with our lives.

How do I know REMEDY will work?

In Luke 19:10 Jesus says, “For the Son of Man has come to seek and save the lost.” Another way to translate the greek words used here for “save the lost” is to “bind up what was shattered.” Jesus is looking for shattered hearts to bind up and restore into whole men and women. In REMEDY we start by recognizing that we are powerless to change ourselves. If we could have done it ourselves, we would have by now as we know all too well the kind of healing we long for is beyond us.

Support Groups

  • The Bridge
  • Divorce Support
  • Grief Share
  • Living Waters: Chronic Pain
  • Healing Hearts: For Women
  • Guys Like Us: For Men
The Bridge

The Bridge

A Biblical Introduction to the 12 steps. Learn about the phrase “work the steps,” gain a clearer picture of the God who is for us, and experience victory over the parts of our lives that feel unmanageable. Contact [email protected] for more info.

Divorce Support

Divorce Support

Come to experience healing from past pain and rebuild hope for a thriving future with others who are recovering from the effects of separation or divorce. Contact care[email protected] for more info.

Grief Share

Grief Share

Join a community of individuals who are working to process an experience similar to yours with a caring leader. Led by a volunteer, registration is required. Contact [email protected] for more info.

Living Waters: Chronic Pain

Living Waters: Chronic Pain

Come and connect in community, learn, grow, discover hope, be encouraged, and have the freedom to ask the tough questions raised by chronic pain and illness. Meetings are held the first Sunday of every month. Contact [email protected] for more info.

Healing Hearts: For Women

Healing Hearts: For Women

Offered: Monday, 7-9p (except for the first Monday of each month)

Registration Required: To register, call Karene at 714.290.6388
A Christ-centered group for women dealing with the trauma of sexual addiction in their marriage or relationship. Consider attending if your partner has engaged in or is attempting to overcome a form of extra-marital sexual behavior—pornography, affairs, homosexuality, internet misuse or seeking out prostitutes, etc. Small group environment.

Guys Like Us: For Men

Guys Like Us: For Men

Offered: Thursday, 7-9p

Registration Required: To register, call 949-769-8312
If you suffer from disordered intimacy, sexual behavior problems, or pornography issues, come experience tools for long term healing, accountability and the freedom of restoration.

Relational Growth Groups

  • How We Love
  • Emotionally Healthy Spirituality
  • Emotionally Healthy Relationships
How We Love

How We Love

How We Love is an in-depth, group-oriented, curriculum is designed around video content, discussion, and skill building. How We Love Groups will help you understand your love style in your marriage or dating relationship, or discover what went wrong in your previous relationships so that you don’t repeat the same patterns.

Find out when our next class begins in the Upcoming Events section below!

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

In this course you will directly address the reality that emotional maturity and spiritual maturity are inseparable. It will equips you to develop a personal, first-hand relationship with Jesus by incorporating stillness, silence and Scripture as daily life rhythms.

Find out when our next class begins in the Upcoming Events section below!

Emotionally Healthy Relationships

Emotionally Healthy Relationships

If you have people in your life, you have relationships and we all need practical tools to actually live out the Bible’s teaching to love well. Our ability to communicate in a healthy way and resolve conflicts maturely remains one of the most challenging areas for Christ followers. This 9-week course equips people with 8 practical skills to love others well as mature followers of Jesus.

Find out when our next class begins in the Upcoming Events section below!

Additional Resources:


If you are in a serious relationship or in need of restoration in your marriage, we have resources for every step of your marriage journey.


We seek to support individuals and families who are experiencing financial crises by developing a plan for sustainable living and, when needed, use Benevolence Funds to create a bridge.


If you have recently lost a loved one and would like to host a memorial at the Mariners Irvine campus, please contact Tanya, [email protected]

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