Mariners Kids Online


Join us this summer for Mariners VBS – the absolute BEST WEEK of the year! Although we’re hosting thousands of kids across all our locations, we are also offering VBS at home! All you need to experience the awesomeness of VBS is an internet connection! It’s 100% free and all content will be available in August. CLICK HERE to RSVP!

A few kids in lawn chairs watching an outdoor screen

Mariners Kids Summer Edition

Welcome to Mariners Kids Online – Summer Edition. Can’t make it in-person this week? No problem! Experience worship, interactive teaching, and funny and helpful content through our weekly youtube show. Click here to watch!

Mariners Kids Summer Edition (Junior)

For all of our littlest Mariners Kids, welcome to Summer Edition Junior! If you missed our in-person service, join us online. You’ll laugh, sing, and learn in our new weekly youtube show. Click here to watch!

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