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Kaye Geiger created some fun activities and games for you and your kids (K-5th grade) to enjoy while you’re at home. Try them out and add these outside and inside activities to your own list!

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Wiggle and Learn for Preschoolers

Join us every week for our Wiggle and Learn Bible story geared just for our little ones! We will learn, worship, and wiggle together! Each week’s lesson is posted on Thursdays at 10am on our Mariners Kids Irvine Facebook and YouTube Channel and can be viewed any time during the week.

Wiggle & Learn Videos

In Mariners Kids Online Small Groups, Kindergarten-5th graders can interact with other kids and a caring leader, answer some Bible questions, and have some fun! This is an easy, fun and important way your child can stay connected in community! Online Small Groups will take place through a video chat for 25 minutes on the weekend. They will start immediately after a weekend service (online). So for example, if your child signs up/regularly attends the 8:30a service, then the small group will start at 9:45a. Once a child is signed up, parents will be contacted by your child’s small group leader.

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