Mariners Singles is a Christ-centered community for single professionals founded on the truth that a relationship with our Creator brings deeper meaning to our work, relationships, and life. We believe that healthy people create healthy relationships, so our focus is on building a healthy community through groups. We accomplish this goal by providing different groups of various age ranges for you to connect in community.

One of the ways to get connected is by being a part of one of our age ranges. Our age ranges allow you to connect with people who are at a similar stage of life in a smaller setting. Each age range sits together in service on the weekend, plans events, and does life together through groups. Click the age range that fits you, and we will get you connected.

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Dallas Viva

Singles Pastor

My hope and prayer for the Singles Community is that this is a place where you can pursue God and build meaningful friendship along the way. I pray that at Mariners Singles you are known, you are loved, and that you belong here. There is a place for you here, and I hope you experience the hope of Jesus through our Singles Community.

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