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“Praise God that He has given me my identity, that I know that I am His daughter. And that no matter what, I have the Lord with me.”

After growing up in a challenging family, Lavonne craved real connection and community. When she was 19, she was introduced to Mormonism, and for 20 years, she raised her family in the Mormon faith. Though she had been seeking community, she started to resent God, feeling crushed by all the rules and believing she could never earn the love she desired.

When her daughter came and told her she couldn’t be a Mormon anymore, Lavonne cried out to God and asked Him what to do. In that moment, she felt Him draw close, calling her to read His Word and listen to His voice. Together, Lavonne and her family made the decision to try their local community church—and little by little, Lavonne began to be set free. Despite the challenges, and even after losing her house in a fire, she found peace in her unchanging identity as a loved child of God.

Watch and see how Lavonne experienced real grace and love as a daughter of Christ!

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