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“This very man who I grew up fearing brought me to Christ. I am now able to forgive—and it’s been beautiful.”

Nicole grew up in a household with an angry father, fearing his unpredictable moods and outbursts. Her parents ended up getting divorced due to her father’s anger, and Nicole began living with her mother. Years later, she reconnected with her father and was shocked—the angry man she once knew now had an active relationship with Jesus and was totally transformed. As she watched him live with newfound peace and love, Nicole began to pursue Jesus.

She still struggled with unprocessed hurt from her childhood, and after getting involved in an unhealthy relationship, she turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. Nicole had a drug-induced heart attack and afterward decided to get involved with counseling, alongside her father. Together, they learned to communicate without anger and found freedom in Jesus from the guilt and blame they had been carrying. For the first time, Nicole was able to fully forgive.

Watch and see how Nicole surrendered her life to God and found forgiveness and healing!

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