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“Through us, God can have an impact. If we just put one foot in front of the other and serve without questioning, we see God show up. We see lives changed.”

Matt had been a Christian for 30 years when he got involved with the Mariners Homelessness Ministry. Before he started serving, Matt would see people on the street holding a sign or sleeping on a park bench and respond in his heart with judgment. However, when he served for the first time and prayed for people experiencing housing insecurity, his view began to change.

Matt took a step of faith and decided to start serving with the Homelessness Ministry. Through the Mariners Hosted Here program at the Illumination Foundation, he continued interacting with and praying for those he was serving, and as he served, Matt saw God transform his heart. Where he had once felt judgment, he was now filled with Christ’s love, finding fresh joy in serving His people.

Watch and see how Matt experienced life change through God’s call to serve His people!

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