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“I’m a child of God and that’s the only thing that really matters. That’s the true label—the only thing I really need.”

Brooke was single and felt isolated, struggling to find friends and feeling stuck in a cycle of work and home life. In 2017, she realized she needed Jesus in her life, and she got plugged into community at Mariners. Two years later, she found out she was adopted. She put her dating life on hold and began to focus on learning more about how God saw her.

Around that same time, she was at church and heard the truth that she was adopted into God’s family—she was a child of God, and her identity was in Christ. She got very involved in the Care & Recovery program at Mariners, experiencing a new joy in life, in building relationships with her friends, and in serving others.

Watch and see how Brooke found joy and hope through her identity as a loved child of God!

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