Max’s Story | Easter 2024

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For me, prior to being born again as a Christian, Easter was really just another holiday. But now it’s the day that I celebrate Jesus bringing me from death to life.

Growing up, Max had limited experience with Christianity and didn’t have a personal faith. Even though he worked a successful career and had financial stability, he felt empty and unhappy. On a biking trip in Vietnam, Max stepped away from his day-to-day routine and began to reflect on the materialistic life he had been pursuing. When a friend invited him to Mariners, Max decided to go.

During his first weekend service, Max experienced God in a personal way and decided to put his faith in Jesus. He got baptized on Easter, went through Rooted to discover more about his faith, and started volunteering in the junior high ministry. Where he had once been directionless and lost, Max found fresh purpose and felt the transforming love of Jesus.

Watch and see how Jesus changed Max’s life and brought him from death to life!

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