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“One morning I was reading the Bible and the Holy Spirit really convicted my heart, ‘You don’t believe this.’ And I just stopped and said, ‘You’re right God—I don’t.’”

After accepting Jesus in her senior year of high school, Susan struggled to connect her new faith to Scripture. She questioned whether the whole Bible was truly God-breathed and wondered if some passages got in by mistake. While a few verses were important to her, other passages she chose to ignore. The questions that Susan had felt wrong to ask others, or even to ask God. If she questioned the Bible, did it mean she was questioning her faith?

One day when Susan was reading Scripture, she felt the Holy Spirit inviting her to be honest with her doubts. For the first time, Susan talked openly with God about her questions, and she prayed that He would confirm the truth of His Word. The Holy Spirit spoke into her heart. She began a journey of studying the reliability of Scripture, the historical evidence behind it, and how God divinely inspired it, leading her to the conviction that the Bible was truly God’s Word and that God’s story was her ultimate authority.

Watch and see how God invited Susan to bring her questions to Him and transformed her vision of His incredible Word!

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