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“Somebody said a long time ago that there are no atheists in war—and I see this more and more in how my people are responding to the gospel and to truth.”

Viktoria was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, and moved to Los Angeles in 2000. There, she met a Ukrainian couple who shared the gospel with her and led led her to Jesus. Years later, a friend connected her with Mariners Church and the partnership Mariners Outreach had with Ukrainian churches and organizations.

When the war in Ukraine began in February of 2022, Viktoria was heartbroken at the news, but she held on tightly to God. Even though she feared for her home country, she trusted that He would provide through the pain and hardship. Viktoria began working alongside Mariners to supply clothes and food to Ukrainian refugees arriving in southern California, and she prayed continually for protection over the soldiers on the frontlines. 

As the war continued, Viktoria began to hear stories from their church partners in Ukraine—stories about soldiers who miraculously survived in life-threatening situations, and about Scripture being posted publicly on billboards in Ukrainian cities. Even in the middle of a war, Viktoria saw her country experiencing God afresh and drawing closer to Him.

Watch and see how God used Viktoria for good and brought hope and transformation amidst dark circumstances!

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