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“I knew how God wanted me to live, I knew the standards that God had for us, but I wasn’t living that in my secret double-life.”

After being exposed to pornography at a young age, Jes began seeking it out and eventually developed an addiction. Though she attended church and knew that God had a different plan for her life, the instant gratification of pornography seemed impossible to escape. It was harming her relationship with her husband and keeping her trapped in a cycle of guilt, anxiety, and depression.

When Jes began growing in understanding about Jesus’ deep love for her, the peace that she had been desperately seeking began to fill her life. She got involved with Remedy, a Care and Recovery program at Mariners Church, and found a community of women where she could be open about her struggles. She saw how God had never rejected or abandoned her, and that He wanted her to experience the gift of sex in the beautiful context He had designed.

Watch and see how Jes learned to find peace in God and started her journey of embracing freedom in Jesus!

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