Steven’s Story

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“Out of that trauma came a voice louder than I’ve ever heard: ‘I’m with you. I will never forsake you.”’ 

In early 2020, Steven lost his only son to a heroin overdose. The pain from his son’s passing was immense, but amid the grief, he felt God drawing closer to him than ever,  providing comfort and healing. 

Steven trusted that God’s work was not done in his life, even as he relied on Him for day-to-day strength. Sure enough, God began calling him to speak into the lives of others who had lost children, serving and comforting them. Steven saw how God wanted to work through him to reach and minister to God’s brokenhearted in a transformative, powerful way.

Watch and see how God comforted Steven in a time of grief and gave him fresh hope and purpose in His Kingdom!

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