Lilian’s Story

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“To go from where I was at to where I am now—I did get rescued. I’m free!”

Lilian had always loved music. Growing up in Spain, she had a close relationship with Jesus, attending church and singing in her church choir. When she moved to America, however, everything changed: Lilian faced bullying at school and family issues at home, causing her to feel alone. She drifted away from God and began pursuing her career and love of music above all else. Although she found great success, Lilian felt empty and unfulfilled.

Then, in 2021, Lilian lost both her parents and her marriage. In the wake of these losses, Lilian’s friend invited her to attend Mariners, where she experienced a total renewal of her relationship with Jesus and surrendered fully to Him. She even began serving on the Mariners Worship Team, joyfully using her gift of music for His glory. Lilian saw that Jesus had never left her side for a moment, even when she had walked away.

Watch and see how God drew Lilian back to Him and transformed her life forever!

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