Jose’s Story | Easter 2023

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“I remember I had a huge hole inside me. I was asking God for the things that I wanted, and I was not including God in my plans.”

Growing up in Juárez, Mexico, Jose had a distant relationship with God. Though he attended church each Sunday, from Monday through Friday he would live for himself, without thinking about God. When Jose moved to Arizona for graduate school, he struggled with the shock of being in a new country. Even after finding a career in California, he continued to face feelings of loneliness and longed for deeper fulfillment. 

Jose searched for churches near him and attended a service at Mariners Church. In the parking lot one weekend, he ran into Pastor Eric, who invited him to join the upcoming session of Rooted. Jose agreed, and through the 10-week, small group experience, he said “I Believe.” He saw how being in community with the men in his Rooted group not only gave him a sense of belonging, but helped him draw closer to Jesus.

Watch and see how God used Rooted to connect Jose in community and transform the way he lived!

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