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“To Him we give all the glory. It’s nothing that we did. There’s nothing in the oil, it’s not magic—it’s the power of the blood of Jesus.”

When Terri learned she would need to undergo thyroid surgery, all she could do was pray. Her husband, Mark, had already been diagnosed with cancer, and it was a battle they were still fighting. With their faith in God, Terri and Mark went to the Elder Prayer Room at Mariners to receive prayer from the Shepherding Elders. There, they met Bill and his wife, who listened together to Terri and Mark’s stories and prayed over both of them, asking God for His healing. 

The day of the surgery, Terri offered a prayer of surrender as she was being wheeled into the room, and she heard Jesus telling her that He would heal her. After she left the surgery, the doctors told her that she didn’t need any more treatments—she was cancer free! Terri celebrated the miraculous healing with Mark, experiencing both the joy of her miracle and the sorrow of her husband’s continued battle with cancer. Even though Mark’s healing wasn’t immediate, Terri continues to have faith in God as the Mighty Healer—whether He brings restoration in this life or in Heaven with Him.

Watch and see how God displayed His miraculous, healing power in Terri’s life through the power of prayer!

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