Shoshana’s Story

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“…I was getting sicker. I was asking God a lot of questions, you know. ‘Are you there? Are you able to heal me? Why are you not healing me?’” 

From the time she was a young girl, Shoshana struggled with severe migraines and joint problems. As she grew older, the migraine attacks worsened, becoming frequent and all-consuming in her college years.  Eventually, Shoshana reached a tipping point in her health where the chronic pain was so extreme that no amount of medication was enough to mask it. She asked God to heal her, but felt alone and lost. Where was God when she needed Him most? 

In that dark moment, Shoshana heard God’s assurance that His plan for her was just beginning. 

Soon after, Shoshana began leading Living Waters, the chronic pain ministry at Mariners Church. She even felt called to reach out to others living in the midst of unfathomable pain, experiencing fresh purpose in her life. 

Watch and see how God used Shoshana to reach others for His glory!

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