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“I had to come to terms with the fact that God was going to continue to provide for me… As long as I’m still here and still breathing, God has a plan for me.”

Living paycheck to paycheck, Pam and her husband always felt drawn to the abundant lifestyles they saw around them. However, the more they set their eyes on what others had, the more their solid financial rhythm began to fail. Eventually, Pam and her husband fell into debt. As the debt grew larger and their consolidation loan was denied for the first time, the couple got down on their knees and prayed. Amidst desperation and hopelessness, they asked God to use their dark situation for good.

The next day, Pam’s husband received a call offering him a new job with a signing bonus that would cover their exact amount of debt. Praising God’s grace and goodness, Pam and her husband began to see their finances in a brand new way. With the motto of “Go bless ‘em,” the two set out to spread the gift of generosity they had received to others around them.

Watch and see how God brought financial healing to Pam and her husband!

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