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“Now I feel like I have purpose. I wouldn’t be able to tell you this a year ago.”

Although Mike grew up in a religious household and was baptized at a young age, he never had a personal relationship with Jesus. In his adult life, he fell into reckless living and struggled with alcohol abuse for many years. He was searching for fulfillment, but his relationships were suffering and he felt more lost than ever. 

When Mike’s wife encouraged him to join a Rooted group at Mariners, he was hesitant; he didn’t want to “go through the motions” of following God, like he had done in his past. But eventually, he decided to give Rooted a try. During those 10 weeks, it was like a switch had been flipped—for the first time, Mike experienced the love of God in a vivid, personal way. He saw a fresh purpose in his life, and began taking steps to pursue God, even choosing to get baptized again

Watch how God used Rooted to lead Mike into a thrilling, purpose-filled relationship with Him!

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