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“God, you know, answered my prayers in His time. And not a bus—it’s a church for all Santa Ana, and their families and beyond.”

For Maria, getting to church was never simple. Every weekend, she would leave her one-bedroom apartment in Santa Ana, and start a three-hour journey to reach Mariners Irvine. Since Maria didn’t have a car, she had to take three different buses and walk for two miles just to be a part of the church family she loved so much. Maria made this trip for 22 years, praying all the while for God to send a new bus—one that would go directly from Santa Ana to Mariners. 

One day, Maria’s daughter came to her with wonderful news: Mariners was starting a church in Santa Ana. As soon as Mariners Santa Ana officially launched, she got involved wherever she could, serving at the food pantry and attending all three services each Sunday. Within the heart of Santa Ana, she felt more connected to her community than ever before. Although she had asked God for a bus, His answer went beyond anything she could’ve imagined! 

Watch how God answered Maria’s faithful prayer and brought about His plan in an amazing way!

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