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“No matter how late in the game we may think it is, it’s never too late for God to lead us somewhere new.”

Working in the business world for most of his life, Bill was never interested in artistic expression. It was only in his 60s, when his role as a foster child mentor unexpectedly led him to join an oil-painting class, that Bill took up a brush and discovered his gift. Oil painting, he found, was not just a hobby he enjoyed, but a talent that the Holy Spirit was directing him to use for His purposes. 

Bill began painting Scripture, reimagining classic paintings through the lens of God’s Word. He painted biblical figures in the streets of Orange County. He even captured moments from the Mariners ministries in which he served. Though he had never imagined himself as an artist, Bill saw again and again how his willingness to use his new talent for God’s Kingdom led to powerful, Spirit-filled work.

Watch how the Holy Spirit used Bill’s faithfulness to gift and lead him in a totally new way!

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