Jennifer Kim’s Story

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“Nobody was ever going to convince me that there was this God, or Spirit. If I couldn’t see it and feel it, it didn’t exist.”

As an atheist and a successful academic, Jennifer had definitively rejected the idea of a living God. But then the impossible happened: a period of hardship hit during law school, and Jennifer found herself in a church, desperately crying out to a God she wasn’t even sure existed. In that moment of humility, she felt the Spirit of God surround her with love.

Driven by this tangible experience, Jennifer began reading her Bible and praying for the people in her life. The more she prayed for others, the more she saw the Spirit transform her, working to deepen her understanding of Him and His power. After seeing the living power of prayer, Jennifer began serving on the Mariners Prayer Team.

Watch and see how God used Jennifer’s commitment to prayer to make His Spirit alive in her life!

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