Michael’s Story

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“And at that point, all I could do was pray. All I had was my family, my church family, and my community.”

For many years, Michael attended Mariners Church from the sidelines. Enjoying the anonymity and safety of blending into the background, he focused totally on his individual faith and never sought deeper community or connection. However, when Michael heard that Mariners would be launching a congregation in Tustin, he decided to take a big step outside of his comfort zone and attended a group prayer event for Mariners Tustin. There, Michael started getting connected for the first time.

Then, on Easter Sunday, Michael’s wife suffered a heart attack. As the paramedics rushed her out of the house, Michael saw members of his church family already at his doorstep, asking how they could help and coming alongside him and his kids in prayer.

Watch and see how God cared for Michael and his family during a devastating crisis through the power of community.

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