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“Everything I did—it had to be perfect. It made me feel like God was just so far away.”

Growing up, Leireen always struggled with the pressure of perfectionism in her spiritual life. Hoping to earn God’s approval, she tried to follow all the rules—yet the more she tried, the more lost she felt. Her struggle felt impossible to escape, and God seemed more distant than ever.

One day, Leireen attended a Mariners service and saw a story about a woman who went through Remedy, a care and recovery program at Mariners Church. Leireen realized the feelings of shame and perfectionism she had been struggling with were seriously affecting her relationship with God. She decided to sign up for Remedy, and there, she found a space where she could safely process her hurt and grow in her understanding of God’s unconditional love.

Watch and see how God freed Leireen from her shame and completely transformed her relationship with Him!

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