Santiago & Felipe’s Story

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“I didn’t realize that pouring into one person will then have that person pour into the next person… It makes me step back and realize that your small actions have a huge ripple effect.”

As a kid growing up in Santa Ana, Santiago didn’t enjoy school and often hid to avoid tutoring and at Lighthouse Community Center on Minnie Street. However, one of the volunteers, Felipe, never gave up on Santiago—every week, he would knock on Santiago’s door and invite him to youth group and church, making sure he was included. 

Little by little, Santiago began attending the youth events at Lighthouse Community Center, drawn in by Felipe’s persistence. When Santiago was in high school, he confessed faith in Jesus while at summer camp with Felipe as his counselor. He even began serving as a camp counselor, continuing the legacy of care Felipe had invested in him. Now connected in community, Santiago graduated high school with the support of other LCC tutors, eventually receiving a Pathfinder scholarship to UC Irvine. 

Watch and see how God used Felipe to impact Santiago’s life and create an incredible legacy of transformation!

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