Discover Your Next Step at Mariners

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Have you ever wondered what’s next in your faith journey? 

Maybe you’re new to Mariners or new to your faith, and have lots of questions. Or maybe you have been a part of Mariners for a long time, and are ready to get more involved by serving on a ministry team or connecting with others in community. 

No matter where you are spiritually, there’s always an opportunity for you to grow and go deeper in your faith. At Mariners, we believe that everyone has a next step in faith and we’re passionate about helping you find yours. 

If you’re looking for community, want to grow in your relationship with Jesus, and want to discover your purpose and figure out how God has wired you to fearlessly change the world, Next Step is for you. 

Next Step is a 60-minute experience that will help you find your place in the bigger story of how God is working in you! At Next Step, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about Mariners, have a live conversation with some of our pastors, and explore how you can get involved in what the Lord is doing through our church. 

Join us this weekend to discover how God wants to use you to inspire others to follow Jesus and fearlessly change the world. 

Find out more information here.  

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