Summer’s Story of Hope

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“I think my understanding of hope has changed because I think hope isn’t found in circumstance. It’s found in knowing that God is going to walk me through the fire, that He enters into it with us—and that makes it that much more reliable,” Summer said. 

On February 15, 2020, Summer woke up and realized her husband, Brian, wasn’t there. Shortly after, a coroner came to the door and informed her that Brian had passed away the night before. After years of struggling with mental illness, Brian lost his life to suicide.

“There’s absolutely nothing like facing hope being ripped away in that type of moment,” Summer said. With her family beside her, Summer called a trauma therapist, who told her to take it one day, and one step, at a time. “I knew that the next step to take was to just seek Jesus and to trust that He was going to walk us through it,” Summer said. 

She went to Mariners the next morning, and discovered a group of people waiting for her in her normal row, ready to pray with her and surround her with love. In that moment, Summer knew God was with her, and her church community was there for her. Throughout the last year, she’s experienced God’s faithfulness and found hope in Jesus. 

Now, she walks through seasons of grief with others and supports and loves them like others have loved and supported her. She is a part of a group of other widows, where she encourages and gives each hope to others facing unimaginable grief. 

“We are going to go through hard things, but God is going to stand beside us and walk with us in the midst of it,” Summer said. 

If you’re facing grief and loss like Summer, you are not alone. Remedy, our Care & Recovery Ministry, is Christ-centered recovery program for anyone experiencing challenges in life arising from hurts, habits, or hopelessness. Join us on Monday nights at 6:15p at Mariners Irvine and walk alongside others finding hope and healing in Jesus. Learn more here

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