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Where do you find hope when you need it most? 

This weekend we’re launching our brand-new, summer teaching series, Hope in Hopeless Times, unpacking the book of f 1 Peter. The people of Peter’s day were a lot like us. They felt overwhelmed, and, at times, filled with despair and frustration. Peter’s first letter still speaks to us, like it did to the early church thousands of years ago, reminding us of the unwavering, unshakeable hope we have in Jesus. 

We’re not going to skip a verse in 1 Peter so don’t skip a week! Join us every weekend at one of our locations throughout Orange County, or online at, and invite your friends and neighbors to experience this incredible series with you. 

Our amazing Mariners Creative Arts Volunteer Team has also created a beautiful series magazine filled with resources, original content, inspiring stories, and more to guide you as we explore the book of 1 Peter together.. Bring it with you to weekend worship services, and on the road with you when you’re traveling, to follow along with us week by week. Pick up a physical copy this weekend or download a digital version here

For more information, resources, and shareable invites, visit the Hope in Hopeless Times series page

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