Discover Practical Hope for Anxiety

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Struggling with anxious thoughts? You are not alone. Join Mariners Care & Recovery at the first of two workshops facilitated by two mental wellness practitioners from the Mariners community to discover practical hope for anxiety. Through this workshop, you’ll gain practical skills, receive wise counsel, and learn regular rhythms to help you care for yourself and your loved ones during episodes or seasons of anxiety. 

Register now and invite your friends and neighbors to join you on Nov 14 from 1-3p in the Upper Room at Mariners Irvine to learn more about how you can find practical hope for anxiety and live the abundant life God has for you. 

If you are seeking a connection prior to the event:

Speak with a Member of the Care Team 

Submit a Prayer Request 

A Pastor of the Day (POD) is available seven days a week to offer guidance and prayer for urgent emotional and spiritual needs. If you have an urgent need for prayer, please call 949.769.8450.

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