Mariners Worship’s New Christmas Album Releases This Week!

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A new album from Mariners Worship featuring Matt Redman, Our God With Us, is coming out, and we want you to be the first to experience it! Check out this amazing collection of original Christmas songs and familiar favorites wherever you stream or download your music when it releases THIS Friday, Nov 12. 

We invite you to share it with your friends and neighbors this Christmas season as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and the incredible reality of God’s presence with us. We pray each song inspires you and points you to the great and amazing love of Jesus as we begin the journey to Christmas. 

Listen in your car, at home, or at work, and celebrate the joy of Christmas with us all season long! We hope these songs will draw you into worship and remind you of the good news of Christmas that Jesus, our Savior and King, has come. 

Watch the video below to hear more about the heart behind the album from Mariners Worship Leader D.K Kim and Matt Redman! 

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