Abe’s Story

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“I have two sets of families, but in the end, God loves me more than both of them combined…In the end, I’m really just God’s child.”

On a small farm in Ethiopia, Abe’s mother, Martha, faced an impossible decision. Abe’s father had passed away, leaving her without a steady income or way to provide for her family. Now she had a choice: either put Abe up for adoption or keep him—risking his life.  After many nights of prayer, Martha contacted the adoption agency, and on that very same day, Abe’s parents called from the U.S. and began the process of adopting him. 

Martha’s brave decision led to an entirely different life for Abe. As a part of his new family, Abe saw how God had orchestrated the whole situation according to His plan—and how God took care of him through it all.

Watch how Abe experienced the wonder of God’s perfect plan, showing him his true identity as a child of God.

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