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“If you would have asked me about this three months ago and said that we would be doing this, I would not have believed you…”

When Ryan’s business began to face financial trouble, Ryan and Mila took a leap of faith: rather than becoming consumed by worry, the two decided to trust God and started praying for God to use them. 

Two days later, the war in Ukraine broke out. Ryan and Mila knew Ukraine desperately needed prayer, and in response, they began a weekly Zoom call where anyone could join to pray for Ukraine’s needs. What began as a small gathering of five or six people soon grew into meetings of 40 to 50 people!

But Ryan and Mila didn’t stop there. When financial support and donations began coming to them from all different avenues, they broadened their ministry and provided funds to Ukrainian churches for medical supplies and food. Despite having no previous knowledge of wartime support, Ryan and Mila boldly followed where they felt God leading them.

Check out how God used Ryan and Mila’s obedience to serve their global family with God’s love. 

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