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“We’re making this decision with active faith—and with joy. There is a different way to live.”

After growing up in a household that struggled with financial stability, Richard’s relationship with money was always plagued by worry. Though he continued to give to his church, he knew that unless he made a larger change, he would never be able to grow beyond his feelings of reluctance and doubt. He needed a major shift in spiritual perspective—one which would remove the emotional hold that money held over his life.  

As Richard searched for a solution, both he and his wife began to feel God pulling them toward greater giving as they went through Rooted together. In response, the two made the fearless decision to turn their financial situation over to God and increase their regular giving going forward. When they did, Richard saw that in the place of his old reluctance and fear about giving, there was now joy! Through giving freely, he was able to understand God’s generosity in his life in a new way.

Watch and see how God used generous giving to remind Richard of His love and transform his relationship with money forever. 

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