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“My career has had many highlights, but when I look back, the fulfillment was short-lived. Things you hang on the wall, they don’t live with you—whereas a life with Jesus goes on forever.”

In 1987, Joe started working for NASA on the Space Program. In his career, he worked to find ways to make the impossible happen—but through it all, he didn’t feel the fulfillment of life or a sense of his deeper purpose. After retiring from his job, Joe went through a season of turmoil and anxiety. He began taking long walks down to the pier, and on every walk, he talked to God and listened for a reply.

One day, he was approached on the pier by four children. They asked to pray with Joe, and when they finished, they asked if he would like to receive Jesus into his heart. He said yes, and cried all the way back from the pier. Joe was overcome by emotion as he realized God had spoken to him! He got more involved at Mariners and went through Rooted, where he found community with a group of men and learned to pursue Jesus more and more.

Watch and see the incredible way God led Joe to Him and gave him new joy and purpose!

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