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“I did tell the Lord that I will praise Him for the rest of the days of my life. ‘With this one arm, I will lift it up and give You glory, and give You praise that only You deserve…’”

In 2003, Ron learned that he had cancer in his hand. As the cancer spread and his kidneys began to fail, his doctors recommended removing his arm. Ron struggled with the decision and told the doctors he couldn’t let them do it. Then, one day, he felt God speaking to him, asking if Ron would still love and trust Him, even if he lost his arm. Overcome by emotion, Ron said he would and decided to go through with the removal.

Miraculously, when the doctors performed the surgery, they found that other than the cancer they removed in his arm, Ron was cancer-free! The cancer which had spread to the rest of his body was completely gone. Ron praised God, trusting that even when he couldn’t see God’s plan, he could rely on Him through whatever came to pass. Now, Ron serves at Mariners Oceanside as a Shepherding Elder, praying for others to experience healing and using his gifts for God’s Kingdom.

Watch and see how Ron’s decision to trust God led to a life of joy and service!

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