How will you “go” for Jesus?

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What an incredible Outreach Weekend! 

We continued our teaching series, Red Letter Invitations, by exploring Jesus’ invitation to “go” and change the world with His love. We also got to celebrate how God is using Mariners to share the good news of Jesus, by launching new congregations to serve the cities and 3.2 million people of Orange County.

Now, you have the opportunity to “go” and get involved in what the Lord is doing in our church, in our cities, and our world. God wants to use you! There are so many ways for you to serve and be a part of what the Lord is doing, right in your own community.

Join us in packing disaster relief kits, serving families through the Mariners Food Pantry, tutoring and mentoring students after school, donating duffle bags for foster youth, volunteering at the OC Rescue mission, or in one of our other outreach opportunities at all our Mariners locations. 

How will you “go” for Jesus?

Click here to explore serving opportunities at all our Mariners locations! 

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