Discover What The Bible Says About Anxiety in Our New Series

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Countless thoughts persistently race through our minds. Often lingering, keeping us up at night, and many times, holding us hostage from how we were meant to live. It doesn’t have to be this way, does it? 

In our new teaching series beginning Oct 13 & 14, My Anxious Thoughts, we’ll explore what the Bible says about anxiety and the God who is always with you and always working for your good. Together, we’ll see how God invites us to bring our anxious thoughts to Him and gives us wisdom for living with peace in a complicated world. 

This series is a great opportunity to invite your friends and neighbors to hear what Scripture says about anxiety and the God who meets us right where we are. Pick up a stack of invitations this weekend to share with people in your circles and invite them to join you next weekend for the launch of My Anxious Thoughts!

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