You’re Invited! Join us This Weekend for Our New Teaching Series Red Letter Invitations!

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We had an incredible time celebrating Easter at Mariners with you! It was so special to gather together to worship and praise Jesus, our King who conquered the grave. The best news is that the celebration never ends. We get to celebrate Easter every day because Jesus is alive! His victory over death means we get to experience new life with Him forever. 

We invite you to join us this weekend as we begin a brand new teaching series, Red Letter Invitations. The words of Jesus have been read for generations. In many Bibles, these words are printed in red. Look closer at these timeless red letters, and you’ll discover that they are personal invitations from Jesus to YOU, inviting you into the abundant life He has for you. 

Gather with us online or in person this weekend to take a closer look at the red letters of Scripture and the greatest invitations ever given. Check out our series page Red Letter Invitations to find out more and to download a free digital resource to follow along with us each week as we dive into these personal invitations from Jesus. 

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