Take Your Next Step at Mariners Church!

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We believe the journey of life transformation begins the moment someone decides to follow Jesus and trust Him with their lives. We also believe it’s the first of many courageous steps of faith we take throughout this life-long journey of following Jesus. 

For many of you, that first step of faith was taken at a weekend worship service, maybe even here at Mariners HB, when you said “I Believe” and committed your life to Jesus. That’s why our services are intentionally designed to provide meaningful environments for people to encounter Jesus and respond to His grace. 

Every weekend, we welcome people from all walks of life to worship with us, hear God’s Word, and find their place in the family of God. We also intentionally create clear opportunities for every person to take their next courageous step of faith. 

Next Step is a great opportunity for you to explore your next step at Mariners HB, whether you’re new to following Jesus, or if you’ve been on this journey of faith for a long time. Join us this Sunday, Apr 11 after the 11:30a service in the lobby for a 60-minute experience and live conversation with our pastors to find your place in the bigger story of how God is working in and through you! 

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