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“There’s a desire to be in the community… to not find your joy in your career or these experiences, or even your relationships, but to base yourself in Jesus and follow Him.”

For much of his life, Ryan looked to his career for meaning and purpose. By pursuing achievement and success in his career, he believed his life would feel fulfilling. When Ryan and his wife had their first child, they began to think more about how they wanted to raise a family. Their desire for community led them to Mariners Tustin, where they began attending.

At Mariners Tustin, Ryan found a church home. Though initially hesitant to go through Rooted, he decided to sign up. There, he had a life-changing experience, and he ended up getting baptized and saying, “I Believe.” Rather than pursuing his career or relationships, Ryan realized he could find true joy in helping his community and pursuing the heart of Jesus.

Watch and see how God transformed Ryan’s life and called him to chase after His purpose!

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