Because of Your Generosity | Love OC Recap

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In mid-October, we launched our Love OC campaign and were challenged to reach and serve the 3.2 million people across 34 cities in Orange County. Since then, we’ve raised over $350,000 to support the needs of our cities and their people. 

Because of your generosity, we’ve been able to provide relief for families affected by disasters, create intentional and fun spaces for uniquely-abled young adults in our community, serve our cities through Lighthouse Community Center events and opportunities, and share God’s love and the joy of Christmas with families impacted by incarceration and financial insecurity.

Thank you, Mariners. By giving and serving, we are obedient to the calling and command that the Lord has given to pursue the good of our cities and to pursue justice by treating people rightly. Together, we will continue to Love Orange County through the holidays and every season.

Your giving allows us to serve more and more people with God’s love. Give now to partner with us as we look ahead and plan for new opportunities to reach Orange County in 2022. 

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