How We’re Bringing Safe Mariners Church Gatherings to Our Neighborhoods.

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The ways in which we are working, entering the world, or responding to the world at this time are all different. The same is true for how we experience church—everyone is in a different place of how and where they are worshiping in this season. However you’re joining us each weekend we are so grateful.

For those comfortable to expand your circle to safe, in-person gatherings, we are launching Mariners in the Neighborhood, where you can gather in spacious, outdoor venues to view our streamed worship service with others in your area THIS SUNDAY.

For those that aren’t quite ready, we will continue to offer Mariners Online and Mariners Hosted at Home. We know that God is moving wherever you’re worshiping him and we know that we are nothing without our people, whether they’re gathering in our neighborhood venues, in their backyards, or living rooms.

If you would like to attend one of our neighborhood gatherings this Sunday, July 12, you will need you to RSVP to secure your spot, as we are limiting gathering sizes. Face masks are required and physical distancing should be observed.

Church, we love you and are praying for you as we navigate this season together.

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