Do You Know Who You Are?

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Join us at one of our weekend services as we begin an incredible new teaching series and celebrate Fall Kick-Off with food, fun, and opportunities for your whole family to get connected at Mariners this fall! 

We all long for a strong sense of who we are—and to be known for something. While many people search for their identity in temporary things like careers, relationships, possessions, or hobbies, we can look to Jesus who gives us a brand-new identity. In our new teaching series, You Are ____: Understanding Your True Identity, we’ll see how our identity in Jesus transforms how we live and how we view ourselves.

1 Peter 2:9-12 details God’s description of who we are—and the different titles and names He has for us. Throughout this series, we’ll discover how the eternal identity Jesus offers us, and who He says we are, changes everything. Visit our series page on the Mariners website to learn more and download resources for you to further explore weekend messages with your Life Group during the week! 

Bring your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers to celebrate with us as we officially usher in the fall season at Mariners with the launch of a new teaching series and new Mariners congregations!

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