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“None of that stuff satisfied. It gave me little moments of happiness, but my soul was empty and I was missing joy.”

By the world’s standards, Ben had it all: a successful business, a high-paying career, a beautiful house on the Newport Coast—even his own private sailboat. Although he was surrounded by possessions and achievements, Ben felt like something was missing. Between the fleeting moments of happiness brought on by his success, his heart was devoid of joy.

Ben found himself becoming bitter, hurting the people he loved with his words and actions. He just couldn’t seem to find satisfaction in the world anymore. Ben’s friend invited him to church, but he couldn’t picture himself there, surrounded by believers. He was stuck.

Then, in the middle of a trip to Mexico, Ben’s dissatisfaction with the world reached a tipping point. Following a voice inside him, Ben went to a local church to see what this whole “God thing” was all about. 

Watch and see how God used this opportunity to change Ben’s heart in a major way.

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