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“Decades and decades of pain, of trauma, of resentment—they were replaced by absolute love for God, for people, for seeing every single individual as an image-bearer of God.”

Growing up, Michael had a difficult childhood. After years of escalating abuse from his mother, Michael fled with his dad and brother to Egypt, where his father was born. At only eight years old, he experienced a total culture shock, unable to speak the language and not fully understanding what was happening. He was alone and afraid, feeling like God had abandoned him.

When Michael’s family moved to the United States two years later, he put his faith in Jesus but still struggled with trauma and negative feelings toward Egypt. While attending Mariners, he heard God calling him to return to Egypt on a Faith Adventure. Despite his pain, he listened to God’s voice and signed up to go.

Watch and see how Michael experienced God’s healing through his experience with his global Church family!

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