Lisa’s Story

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“I was a little hesitant…but from that very first moment that I stepped in the room, I was with other women just like me.”

After losing her father, Lisa knew she needed to find new direction in her life. Her father had been a constant source of support, and before he passed, Lisa promised him that she would find a church and get connected. She wanted to nourish the gift of faith which he’d shown her through his love and care.

Gathering her courage, Lisa came to Mariners Church and signed up for the Rooted program. In her group, Lisa found a community of women who surrounded her with support. The hardships she faced, the moments of laughter she enjoyed—through it all, Lisa had women who shared these ups and downs too.

Watch and see how God used Lisa’s courageous next step to revive her spiritual life and bring her into a lifelong community.

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